New piece – slab

Started a new piece on Saturday. My work space is limited at this time. I am working on a table that is about 3×6, but only have a short piece of it at the end as the as it is covered with stuff that need sorting and moved to the garage. Only problem is that the  garage is in the same shape. Is is in serious need of sorting and organizing

So I just rolled out some slabs and about a 2-3 inch base and then started to see how they would go together. I decided to work with the different lengthed pieces and did not trim the sides so that it would be square. 


I need a bigger work space. My plan is to build a work bench in the garage. I also need shelving to house slip molds and my pottery in different stages of completion. I have a couple of 4×4 post about 6 foot each for the legs of my work bench and a couple lengths of 1×8. But not enough for both the bench and shelves. Delima!

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Playing in clay – Vase

Vase almost done. Went much faster once I was able to extrude coils. 

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Made a banding (decorating) wheel.

Piece of scrap 2×4, 1×8. Cut a disc out of 1×8. Cut spokes of bicycle wheel and removed hub and attached pieces. Hub gets screwed to 2×4 and axile must spin freely in hole drilled in it. Axle gets attached to wheel/disc via the nuts on the axle. Viola, banding wheel😊

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Making a clay Extruder

Making a Clay extruder. These cost starting around 40-50$. And although they are around 14 inches or so, the one I made only cost me about 4$. I already had a couple of 9 inch caulking guns lying about. After checking I found that inch and a half sched 40 pvc pipe fit perfectly in a caulking gun. And with the right one, the plunger fit inside. As it turns out, i had the right ones. So I got a 3 foot length of the pipe. And washers 2×1/2, 2×7/8. The middle washer is a 5/8 washer slightly less than two inches. This will allow me to extrude 1/2, 5/8 or 7/8 inch thick coils. 
I would need a plunger, like that in a caulk gun. I don’t know where it came from, but i found in my toolbox the curious little wooden disk in the pic that happens to be exactly 1 1/2 inches in diameter, that of the pipe, and with a lithe sanding fit perfectly. On the right are the resulting coils.

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From the post, Making clay

I drained the excess water off. I stole my wife’s old grease splatter screen as it would make a decent sieve, and she had a new one anyway. So I starred sieving, it was a pane, especiecially with a flat sieve. A long slow process, but I got it done and now a whole heck of a lot less sand in it.

It still smells like dirt though😛 Now I need to find a nice pillow case or sheet to put the clay in to leach out more water and dry it up some more. On second thought, better not find a nice pillow case or sheet less I find myself in a whole in the back yard covered in said clay😐

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Playing in clay – Vase

Started last night, little smaller than the 1st pic. These two pics two stages tonight 

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Making clay

Today I started trying my hand at making some clay. Well more precisely, getting clay from my yard and processing it into clay I could use for my pottery. Or some of my pottery, as there is a lot to it. I did not do any pics and this messy and I am not gooing up my iPhone with clay 😊

Here in the part of Missouri where I live there are two things in abundance; rock and clay. Two things that together make it darn near impossible lo dig by hand, or least make very hard.  Awhile back I started a trench in my yard to put in drainage. It’s not done yet, because of said rock and clay. And because it is not done, I have some piles of excavated dirt handily lieing about that I could easily get dirt from.

So I got about half of a five gallon buckets worth, and added water to it and started mixing. Oh yea, it’s clay alright. A lot of gravel and organic material it. I had some window green about, so I cut a piece of that big enough to fit over a 2nd five gallon bucket and strap it down. I then preceded to pour my slurry through the screen in to the bucket. I took of the screen and put it on the empty bucket and poured again. Now I am left with fairly groggy clay slurry. A lot of sand. 
I will let this stand for a while to settle the sediments and then siphone of the excess water on top. I will have to thank about further sieving as I have nothing else in which to sieve the clay further with than the window screen I have, or what mesh of sieve I need. Of course I could just leave it course and groggy!

The unfired clay is a dark brown. Following  is the bucket left to settle

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Demolding molds I poured the other night. 

This mug would have been great, but the handle did not complete. Air in it I guess. And I think my slip may be to thick for it. Anyway. 

The mug with the handle removed. And demolding the baby block. The baby block would have been great except that the bottom corners trapped air. Think I did not tap it. And again, to thick slip

Demolding the gravy boat. It wasn’t bad. The top edge/rim did not form right though

Trimmed and Cleaned 

Plate was a loss. Was not to ready come out. Guess it is quite thick and will need quite a bit of time to dry, days. 

Poured a bowl tonight. Think I will give it several days. 

I’m annoyed with The Big Ceramic Store. I ordered 3 boxes cones, 01, 02, 03. 02 is my firing cone and 01 my guard cone. They sent me the 01 cones and the others on back order.  I messaged them and the answered me back that they could not tell me how long it might be before I get the other cones. Uggghhh! 

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Poured some more molds

Last night I poured 4 more of the 14 molds I acquired. A block with B, A, B, Y on the sides, a gravy boat, a mug and a square plate. 

This piece is an old piece I did awhile back when I was playing around with smoke firing in a trash can. It never made it in to the fire. I slipped it with the delphinium slip I tried to make with the delphinium Mason stain I got and polished it up. See how it turns out. Hope the color is brought out with firing

The lil pot I poured a few nights back. I put the charcoal Mason stain slip on it and polished it up. 

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Found some slip molds

K so I lucked out and found a lady with some ceramic molds they were selling. About a hundred or so. Problem is I have neither the work space or budget for them. But I was able to buy 14 of them. Maybe later on, funds allowing and space, if she still has them, I might pick up some more. Last night I poured a couple of them, 1st pic.

 Of course I picked two that were a lil bit of a challenge to figure out were to fill them to, and of course I guessed wrong on both. You can see in the 2nd pic, the pot had way to much of a neck, and well the two pieces of the heart trinket box does as well, 4.  So I have trimming to do on them.  Also you see the lil bumps in the inside of the pot. I learned that I need strain slip as it is bound to have lil chunks o clay in. Pic 4 also shows the pot with that neck trimmed off. 

In the final pic, both pieces are trimmed. I have slipped the pot with a charcoal, liguid  masonary color additive that I am going to try. I only have amaco red sadona clay and I guess I need to get some white. I had also purchased 4 colors of Mason Colors mason powder stain and attempted to mix some Delphinium up. But I did not see any change to the color of the slip. So I am not sure if that will change in firing or what. 

Now if I can just get my cones from big ceramic store I ordered, which two of the 3 are Back ordered.  I ordered a set of the cones I need with guide and guard cones.  But only have received ghe guard cones. I have the shelf and post I needed for the kiln. Just need the cones! But I do still need to get a load for the kiln created 😛

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