Making a clay Extruder

Making a Clay extruder. These cost starting around 40-50$. And although they are around 14 inches or so, the one I made only cost me about 4$. I already had a couple of 9 inch caulking guns lying about. After checking I found that inch and a half sched 40 pvc pipe fit perfectly in a caulking gun. And with the right one, the plunger fit inside. As it turns out, i had the right ones. So I got a 3 foot length of the pipe. And washers 2×1/2, 2×7/8. The middle washer is a 5/8 washer slightly less than two inches. This will allow me to extrude 1/2, 5/8 or 7/8 inch thick coils. 
I would need a plunger, like that in a caulk gun. I don’t know where it came from, but i found in my toolbox the curious little wooden disk in the pic that happens to be exactly 1 1/2 inches in diameter, that of the pipe, and with a lithe sanding fit perfectly. On the right are the resulting coils.

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