Crazy Idea, one not so crazy

Have not published much in awhile. That nothing new. But here is something new. Not sure if writing falls into the Art category or not, but it is creative.

Ok, so I am always day dreaming about something. Have ever since I was a kid. When I was a kid I walked around most everwhere I went, or biked, but a lot of walking. I daydreamed a lot and a favorite thing was to walk and daydream about all kinds of fantasies. Some times even talked to myself about them. OK, one might think, or at least I thought it would have stopped as I grew up. Nope.

I at least dont to talk to myself about these fantasies, as much 🙂 I dont walk around so much any more, well I guess not at all. Which I should and get some exercise. But anyways. So when I go to bed at night, and at other odd times when ever I can keep my head clear off other things. Which is hard as the other things and the daydreams get all jumbled up making it hard to keep my fantasy story straight. Plus my memory sucks, which makes it hard to keep up with where I was at in my story. It’s in my head, you think that would not be an issue.

So I got to thinking, why is it I always got this stuff, ideas, making up these stories in my head. Could be I am not happy with my life the way it is, I am just a daydreamer. Or maybe I should just do something with it. Like write a book. Wright A Book? Yea right, me write a book. Well, I guess there are crazier things. Maybe I could get lucky and be the next JK Rowling, a Rags to Riches story. Well, I dont know about that, I just thought I could take all these crazy crap running around in my head all the time and make some sense of it, maybe organize it some, maybe just write it down to amuse myself with in the future.

I have no idea how to go about writing a book. I have no previous back ground in writing. Not to mention how to get my words out of my head in a reasonably understandable form. So, regardless if I ever get to write a book, or whether or not I write something that could get close to resembling one. I have started. I did some research and stumbled across some info about writing novels or short stories and such.

Sorry, since this is public, I can’t give details. Dont want someone stealing my stuff 🙂 I have document started with sections for Outline, Plot(just a heading for it, ha), Back story (what happened before leading up to when my Protagonist comes in, again just the heading for it, although I have Some Idea), Character Template, some info on character, not the protagonist, but major supporting character. Isnt that funny. I would think my first character would be the one the story is about. But alas, I havent made up my mind on some details about him yet:) And then I have some major details about some of the important things in the story, what it’s all about, or I should say some rules/guidelines. I have about 6 pages in Word now. Thats not the story yet, just some assorted details as mentioned above.

By the way, Its going to be a fantasy novel, well book, or something or another. Dont know if I should call it a novel. Ha, will probably be years down the road before it would get published. Maybe even published posthumously by one of my kids 🙂 they will get rich off of it.

Ok, enough of that, the 2nd idea. Not so crazy, but would probably be a good one for me. I was on walk about today, headed for lunch when I stumbled across a little art shop in the little square as its called in our little town of Camdenton. I went in and visited with the proprietor looked around and talking to him, I asked if he was a member of or knew of any art groups in the area. Seems there is one right in a our little town called Ozark Brush and Palette club. I got some details, last months news letter. And with the info he (Bill) gave, and what I gleamed from the news letter, it might just be worth checking out. Next meeting just happens to be tomorrow night at 7.

I am thinking this a good idea for me, to help keep me motivated and pursuing art. I just get down in the dumps and cant find interest in anything. Well, not sure that is correct. I am interested. But cant get motivated, get tired, have no energy, something. They do some cool stuff from time to time, that, and maybe joining in with folks with like interest will help get me excited, motivated about it. If my lack of confidence does not get in the way. Guess that is a problem. Sometimes, well I guess a lot, I look at what I am doing and think, that’s Ok, but not very good. Or look back on what I have done and think the same thing.

Hey, I was just noticing in the editor I have done 900 words. Cool, according to a site I was reading on writing a novel, that a goal to shoot for is 2000 words a day 🙂


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