Firing up the smoke firing can

ok, it has been a way to long since I have done this. In my last post I added some photos of some ceramic pieces I had done. Since then my kids had done some also. We have had a nasty winter so I was waiting on some nice weather to fire up the smoke kiln, trash bin. Today was the day and I took some pics to show you.

following is the kiln with fuel, pet bedding purchased at

I filled the can have full with the wood shavings. And then added the pieces.




then I topped can off with shavings and added kindling to start a decent fire. My darling 4 year daughter Ladybug helped collect the kindling.


after the kindling gets a good start and there is some coals, and I have topped the can off with shavings, I put the lid on tight. Notice the holes in the lid and bottom edge, this allows to drawing of air. There is some smoke coming out of the holes all though it does not show in this pic. It will soon enough.

this is what my Ladybug enjoyed doing after helping with the kindling

and 45 mins later it is getting on with it nicely. It will fire for 15-20 hours. Hope to pull pieces out in the morning.

and 6 hrs later at 7 pm, it is burning hot.



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