New tool and a few simple pieces

I got a new tool to add to my mud working arsenal. A five pound marble rolling pin. I would like to have a slab roller, but seeing how that doesn’t fit into my budget…

this baby will do however. It is five pounds of clay smashing fun that turns a pound ball of clay into a quarter inch slap in a jiffy! And being several hundred dollers cheaper than a slab roller…

 following are a few pieces I was messing around with. They will be molds and pattern stamps.

slump mold made from a sea shell


hump mold made from a sea shell ceramic piece I snuck from our bathroom . My wife’s. Shhhhh, don’t tell her. Its all clean and back in its place on the counter!

stamp or hump mold from a napkin holder I nabbed out of the kitchen drawer!

these are from dough cutters, the two left, again from the kitchen drawer. The little one? I forgot how I made the darn thing!

pattern stamps made from a piece of coral

and the tealight luminary assembled.

not sure when I will get the big-O-kiln of mine fired up, aka 30 gallon galvinized garbage can. I will have to get a large garbage bag of saw dust for the smoke firing.

I checked today with a local manufacture of cedar boxes about getting saw dust from them. They said I could, although winter time is not the best time because they use it for heat. But I was certainly welcome to check and see if they had any to spare. I am thinking of trying a few things for Christmas presents. But alas not sure if I can by Christmas.


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