No Art Work for Awhile, again

I have not posted again for sometime, and likewise I have not been doing much artwork. That is depressing to me, and well a vicious cycle. Because depression is why I have not done much artwork. I have the desire to do something, but when I set down, if I  do set down to do something, well there is nothing. No motivation, no inspiration, and I can’t find the energy. But I have done a few things. And isn’t it funny that I choose 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning to be online and posting. Well, I woke up and could not go back to sleep, often a problem.

I discovered Derwent Intense pencils awhile back and ordered some. Following is “Tumble” my 1st attempt to do anything with them. I just started messing around with them with no real intent or plan. 9×12 on watercolor paper



I have not done anything further with the Inktense pencils thus far, so the verdict is still out on them. They’re pretty kewl however. They give the look of ink, kind of like that of Asian brush and ink. You can use them dry. They are water soluble so you can use water with them in various ways.





Lil Hoot

Lil Hoot

Next is Lil Hoot, and is Prisma Color water color pencils. Its dry, I have not done anything with them in water as of yet.  4×4 on sketch.




I started Lil Hoot and finished up in a day or two. Then immediately after that started Blue Gecho below , slightly larger on Bristol Vellum. That was a couple of weeks ago. Blue Gecko is still setting there unfinished as of yet. The completed piece will be coming, sometime in the future 🙂 

Blue Gecko WIP Nov 2012

CopyRight© saDaniel 2012 All Rights Reserved

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